The Complete youTube SEO Guide For Beginners In 2020, Why SEO Is Good For Your Channel?


YouTube Search Engine Optimization can improve video reach to the questioner. The traditional Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in 2020. There is no statement that proves SEO is dead. Tough your youtube video rank first in SERPS, a proper optimization can improve its structured snipped. Which allows visitors to grab attention and make a click on it.

Organic views help your channel gain more audience. A community is the main reason behind the growth of a youtube channel. The more the members of the community interact with your videos, the higher the chances are it appears in other suggestions related to youtube tags.

The scope of Youtube SEO is more in 2021. You being a creator had to take care of structuring the video appearance in the search engines. To do this one had to follow some basic guidelines and rules of a search engine.

Search Engine Optimization + Proper Reach + Audience results in Blasting the youtube algorithms.

Why Should I Do Search Engine Optimization For My Youtube Channel?

To rank your videos higher than the competitors, creators need to focus on regular search engine optimization guidelines and implement them on their outstanding videos.

Can You Tell Me Simple Reasons Why I Need To Learn SEO In 2020

Youtube Search is getting better day-by-day. Especially for the south asian nations like INDIA, Bangladesh where regional creators are on a trend.

What Are The Benefits Of Youtube SEO For Beginners

#1 Get Maximum Outreach

Youtube machine learning algorithms can automatically detect the type of videos you upload through the title. The relevance of the search has a major impact on the off-page SEO the video has. With proper keyword optimization, your video gets reached to the people who are in need of it.

#2 Better User Experience

Featured snippets make your video dominate the search engines. It allows the video appear in the related keywords section which helps in gaining more visit to the video.

#3 SEO Is The Cheapest Activity Of Digital Marketing

It costs tons of money to promote a video through GOOGLE ADS or through any other Ad Network. On the other side Search Engine Optimization allows it easier, cheaper and permanent solution to rank youtube videos.

How To Improve YouTube Search Engine Optimization?

Uploading videos on youtube in a regular schedules wont provide you enough views. One needs to give a push to their videos by following some Youtube SEO Guidelines through which a youtube video can rank higher. Below are the Youtube SEO Checklist which you have to follow with every next video you upload onto this giant video sharing platform.

Keyword Research

Ever wondered ho people title their youtube Videos?

They make videos on a trending topic or on those keywords which were searched the most on youtube. You have to choose a keyword which has high searches with low competition.

Research your own niche on other social media platforms like facebook and quora. I personally suggest you to use quora from where you can grab the best keywords and titles for your next youtube video.

Keyword Optimization

The more you inject the related the keywords, the higher it ranks in the search engines. Do post videos on related keywords and link them. This improves your videos appear on a plethora related keywords searched for.

Follow On Page, Off Page Guidelines

Study and keep yourself updated with the latest trends of SEO. Copy others style on how they optimize their Description box. Post an impressive keyword rich article through the description box to attrack search algorithms.

Image Optimization

Improve the relavancy of images you post on thumbnails. As they do appear in Google Images section the chances of gettings views from it are much high when you properly optimize it.

Evergreen Content Ideas

Your video concept should be useful for the next Five Years atleast. There are a plethora videos on youtube which went viral after two-three years. This makes the sense of creating videos for the future purpose but not for the present.

Remember: Your youtube video should feed you forever, But not like a temporary party. So focus more on creating videos which gets views for the long time.

Link Building Strategy

Blogging, quoring, and sharing your youtube links on social platforms is not enough. A strong linking strategy need to be developed to make your channes last for long time. Internal linking, Organic links are the sources of it.

Role Of SEO Tools

Ahrefs, MOZ, Ubersuggest and are the best proven SEO TOOLS FOR YOUTUBE. They provide you relevant keywords and help you create stunning titles for your youtube videos. Research the best keywords using these SEO TOOLS and take an action.

Wrapping up, These are the best methods to rank a video on youtube. Apart from this list one needs to build their own strategy which works the best on their youtube channel audience.

Hope you’ve found this post useful. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this post on your social wall and help us promote Rexoxer.



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