What is your monthly salary on YouTube? How much does your YouTube channel earn monthly?


Do you know how much does youtube pay you for 1 million views? Youtube earnings calculator like social blade are completely worthless. As a plethora YouTubers had compared their youtube earnings list with socialblade.com and proved it.

But how much does youtube pay in India? Views and Subscribers are completely under-rated. As its been said that youtube has low sponsors in Asian countries.

A Youtuber with 500k subscribers youtube salary earns somewhere around 100$. Yes it is a fact but how much does youtube pay for a million views? and how much does youtube pay per subscriber?

How Much Money Can A Creator Earn On Youtube India?

Few popular Indian creators with millions of subscribers earn 500k$ per month. This revenue includes their combined sources.

As we all know youtube monetizes creator’s videos through its official partnership program by Adsense. Where youtube videos are monetized through ads. Whenever a user clicks on this ad or watches it generates money in the creator’s Adsense account.

The cost per click varies from the video concept you post, the niche of your channel, and the amount of click those ads get on a daily basis. So it is crystal clear that one needs to get more views and clicks to generate more income.

Subscribers of the channel matter less in terms of revenue. It is that a channel with 1000 subscribers will not watch the new video you post. Only 5-20% of subscribers watch it.

Similarly, a channel with 10 Million subscribers has less viewership by the subscribers. From this point, it is clear that a channel with more subscribers does not impact your youtube earnings. If you want to earn more money on youtube, Then the videos you post need to gain massive views.

How can I get more views on my YouTube videos?

Getting views of this video sharing platform isn’t too tough. A newbie can easily push a video to get 1 million views with some basic youtube search engine optimizatoin skills. Below are the other methods which a creator needs to follow in order to rank his/her yotube videos to get more views.

#1 Reach

The video you post needs to reach the audience with the same interest. By this, the machine learning algorithms of youtube push the video to those who have the same interest.

For example, if you post a video related to Dog Bath, then it is your responsibility to make the people of the same interest or niche watch the video. If they do, the videos you post in the future and in the past will be suggested to them by the youtube algorithms.

#3 Comment & Interact

A large number of people out there do the same hack. They’ve commented on their own videos first after posting it onto the platform. They raise queries and ask viewers to share their impressions in the comments section.

Being a creator you need to have a keen eye of your competitors. Post question comments on their videos and converts their audience to yours. This is the best powerful trick out there. Many of the bloggers out there do the same in order to attract the readers of their competitors.

#3 Networking

Connect with people in your niche and collaborate with them. Always make sure that you never hesitate to ask. Keep your anxiety, introverteness aside and make other creators your besties. b to do such thing tough.

#4 Buid Fan Base

In order to earn more money on youtube your channel needs to own its ow fanbase who supports your every video. A fan is the one who posts positive feedback, shares videos with others, and brings people to connect with your channel.

Youtube is the game of Fan Base. The higher the fans are the more easily you grow on the platform.

#5 Talk Something Trendy

Getting success on youtube is something done through taking trend. Create viral concepts under trending issues. This makes your videos get more views and bring more moeny to you.

Wrapping up, This was all about earning money on youtube. Hope you found this story interesting and useful. Do share your impressions in the comments section below. Also share this post on your social walls and help us to promote rexoxer.


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