How To Increase Views On A Dead Youtube Channel?


Revive a dead youtube channel and make it rank out on the youtube algorithms again. This improves your channels appear on other people’s video suggestions and brings your videos more views.

A Dead Youtube Channel is the one that gets minimal views. Upon posting new videos subscribers show fewer interests to click and watch. Many dead channel creators have also stated that upon uploading videos they had to lose subscribers too.

This is quite common for a dead youtube channel. As people are less interested in watching your videos or they might expecting something new from you. So in order to revive your dead youtube channel follow these below-mentioned tips and be the next most followed youtube creator.

How To Revive Dead Youtube Channel?

There are a plethora of factors on which a creator needs to focus on to rank youtube video. Starting right from the youtube channel niche to the video concepts which you make, everything matters on this video sharing platform. Below are a few tips which you being a creator need to focus on to revive dead youtube channel.

#1 Collaborate

Dive into collaborations with other YouTubers of your niche. Else interview other youtubers online and like them the most viral questions like how much youtuber earn.

By this way you have to bring out new concepts to stand on the top.

Collaborations with youtubers make your channel visible to others and give you a push to increase channel authority. A viral collaboration video can help you gain 1000 subscribers in a week.

Tough this is the traditional way to gain more subscribers, but is still on a trend and works. A plethora american youtubers collaborate on a regular basis which help their youtube channel grow faster and more audience.

#2 Keyword Research

Never underestimate the power of proper keyword research. If you’re unaware of it then make sure to go through our guide on Youtube Search Engine Optimization. You being a creator need to Why Should I Do Search Engine Optimization For My Youtube Channel?.

A plethora of beginner youtube creators fail to do keyword research for youtube. For this, they need to gain some hands-on experience of a few popular SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, etc.

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Follow other youtube channels of your niche and analyze their keywords. There are a plethora extensions for chrome which allows you to spy on your competitors keywords. Use tubebuddy to do such a thing so.

#3 Upload Consistently

No matter what you need to upload fresh content on a regular basis.

We are in the world of the toughest competition which can only beaten by consistency. As it is the only key to get success on youtube.

The more frequently you upload video to youtube, the higher the chances are your videos getting viral.

#4 Create Engaging Videos

If Consistency is key, Then quality is the lock.

The quality videos you make, the higher the chances are people get stick to your channel. Tough they follow your competitors too. But in a long run they end up following your quality rich videos.

Who are some YouTubers that create quality content?

These are the following channels that upload quality content.
Unbox Therapy, Editing is Everything, Pewdiepie, MKBHD, Beebom etc.

#5 Promote Videos

Social media platforms are the best source to gain more audience.

Remember, Never share the direct link of youtube video to your social page. As this decreases the watch time. A creator needs to focus on organic search rather than direct or other sources.

Just make your audience aware of your new videos by sharing catchy thumbnails to social fan pages or groups. Engage, interact, and help your audience on all the social media platforms. Though this is a huge time-taking and stressful job, you have to do it.

#6 Optimize Channel Homepage

Once you uploaded enough videos and made playlists, Make sure to optimize your youtube channel homepage. A user on youtube get attracted more if he/she finds your home page is creative.

#7 Recreate The Theme (Channel art, Thumbnail)

Bring up your dead youtube channel by recreating the theme of your channel.

Make a fresh youtube channel art and go with few selctive colors. Change the way you design thumbnails on youtube and follow a single theme.

This makes your small audience aware of your channel and its videos are from a trused source and help you gain more connectivity between them.

#8 Serve Your Audience

Never negotiate to help others.

Sacrifice your precious time to help people out there. Connect with them for a small time and help them to sort out the issue. Connect them live on Instagram one to one and discuss more the queries and few creative methods.

#9 Look At Your Most Popular Videos

Investigate why a video is so popular on your youtube channel. Follow other people’s ideas who share the related videos and went viral on the platform. Make more related videos of the same concept and make youtube algorithms detect that your channel works for specific keywords.

#10 Check Out Competitors

Follow your competitors. If possible try to interact, connect and collaborate with them. Bring them to connect with your audience and make people aware that every creator of your niche is the best friend of yours.

How do I get more views and subs on my YouTube channel?

Upload fresh content on a regular basis and set targets. Untill the target date arrives do not procrastinate. Follow a proper keyword strategy and stick to a single niche. Never divert your youtube channel niche. Keep track of the latest trends and make videos on them.

What happens if I get 50,000 views in total on my YouTube channel?

Beginner: Track the watch time and the subscribers gained through 50,000 views. This can help you monetize your youtube channel and give you the motivation to work on more videos.

What’s the easiest way to get more views and subscribers to my YouTube channel?

Consistency is the key to success on youtube. The more creative, videos you make the higher the chances are your videos get more views.

Wrapping up, This was all about reviving the dead youtube channel. We hope that you found these tips useful and make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below. Do share this post on your social profiles and help creators to revive dead youtube channel. Follow Us for more updates:



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