PUBG Ban In India??? 47 Chinese Apps Banned By India 🔥🔥🔥


The governament of india had made another great step. Pubg banned in india??? After a plethora rumors and spotlights of tik tok clones, the governament of india bought a step fordward on banning another 47 chinese applications which share the data.

The list of these 47 chinese apps is yet to release. These applications were known to be the clones of the previous application which were already banned in the country. Some of the premium versions of these application and the clones which are developed and maintained by the chinese companies are banned now.

It is out that there is another list of apps which include PUBG game. Which means that the cyber cell of india have their eyes focussed on games too!

This makes us enlight that PUBG which got birth in china might no longer made available in india. There are plethora of other apps that are being monitored and might be banned in the future.

PUBG Ban In India
PUBG Ban In India


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