How To Monetize Tik Tok Compilation Videos On Youtube


can you monetize tiktok videos on youtube? Yes, Now a creator can Monetize tik tok compilation videos on youtube genuinely without getting the video suspended. Tik tok is the best source for a youtube creator to grab content from. This viral video sharing platform helps youtube creators to bring new exciting content which gets viral instantly.

The traditional youtube practises like compiling weekly tik tok viral videos or tik tok week trend might not work with the new youtube policies. But where there is a will there is a way to do it. All you need to do is to review those tik tok viral videos and comment your views on them.

There are other few practises which one needs to follow to prevent from music copyright strikes. Thanks to the copyright policies which allows a youtube creator to share five seconds of copyright material.

Earn Money On YouTube By Uploading Tik Tok Compilation Videos

how to monetize tiktok videos on youtube

Compiling a few tik tok videos and uploading it to youtube might prone into a hell lot of factors. A plethora say this work wont benifit in a long run and a few might put your channel into troubles sending Fake copyright strikes.

In order to keep your channel and its videos away from it and make it work in a creative genuine path you’we need to think out of the box.

The best hack is to review those viral weekly tiktok videos and compile each of them. Here are a few hacks which i follow for tik tok compilation videos for youtube legally.

#1 Testing

Test a particular tik tok video by uploading it to a fake channel. if it gets any copyright notices then be away from it.

The method i use for these kinda videos is by re-editing the BGM with a similar music. Keep in mind that the music you re-edit must sync with the video.

Thereby going with atleast 3 minute review or commentary for it.

Which means that the tik tok video is selected and commented for 3 minutes. In total 15 seconds of tiktok video + 3 minute commentary.

Do the same with atleast 10 videos and in total you get 30+ minutes of video. Post it to youtube and start marketing it.

#2 Copyright Fight

Once your channel and the work is gone into notice of creators, a plethora of copyright strikes might be made on it. A majority of them might be on a will to end your channel. But you being the creator need to fight against it.

If a copyright holder want to monetize it, then leave the earnings to them. As there are a million other ways to earn more money on youtube with a massive audience.

But you have to make sure that the tik tok reviews you post needs to add value to the viewers. As the source of the content is from a competitors platform for youtube, you need to be more strick on youtube content policies.

#3 Tik Tok vs Cringy Content

Audience form all across the globe knows that majority of the TikTok’s content is cringy. If you start making videos on that content then it is defininte that today or tomorrow youtube will definitely suspend your channel.

The videos you select from tik tok need to follow youtube guidelines. Review the best content and quality content which makes sense to a five year old kid.

Wrapping up, this was all about on “How To Monetize Tik Tok Compilation Videos On Youtube“. Hope you found these words useful. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below. Also share this post on your social walls.


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