JIO Meet Application {APk} Join 100 Members To Conference


Jio Meet is another piece of the tool from India’s leading corporate giant JIO ltd. With some futuristic goals, the owner Ambani stands out in the business world. Now JIO MEET Application lets people conference with utmost security features than Zoom from Microsoft.

With a few hours after its initial launch 500k+ installs have been made through the Google Play store. Users who download jio meet are mostly from educational institutions and organizations.

To make indians know the features of the app and to get a huge audience base to the platform, There are no premium features listed to the platform. Jio Meet Premium is completely free and is expected 100% supportive to jio telecom customers.

JIO Meet
JIO Meet

Is Jio Meet Safer Than Zoom?

Both of these platform are from the biggest IT giants. While zoom stands on headlines daily with worst security features and Dark Web leaks. Jio Meet had just taken birth in the south asian nation which is yet cannot be said weather it is 99% safe or not.

What is Jio Meet, How to get it?

Jio meet is an online conference app with a plethora features which most of the online meeting application lack off. Available for both Android and IOS platforms users can directly dowload it from the respective stores.

What Are The Advantages Of Using The Jio Meet App?

  1. Jio Meet Follows INDIAN Govt policies which are much stronger than Chinese policies.
  2. User Interface is 100% familiar such that a 5-year-old kid can easily use it.
  3. Jio meet provides an additional push to rising startups in India.

What are the disadvantages of using the Jio Meet app?

  1. Premium features are completely free which costs tons of dollars on its alternatives like zoom. Hope these features of JIO MEET are permanently free.
  2. Data consumption, while the app is on a full use, is not yet known. When 100 people conference through the app, what will the data consumption and speed of the broadcast?

Download JIO MEET Premium APK

What are the features of the Reliance Jio Meet conferencing app?

The best thing about JIO MEET is it is our native indian app. A meeting can be streamed long upto 24 hours uninterrupted. Multi login support for 5 devices can lengthen the conference of 100 to more 5 x 100 = 500 people.

What is the best feature of Jio Meet?

Jio Meet allows to conference with 100 users live. This is the best feature available in a free mode. While other alternatives change thousands of dollars for this premium feature.

How To Contact Jio Meet Support?

Users can mail directly to [email protected] and solve their query. Rather then it, twitter is the best platform to do so. Jio Team is active 24/7 on twitter to solve users requests through tweets or direct messages.

Is the Jio Meet likely to be successful?

Ofcourse it will, As all the JIO application on the play store are. This indian based complany holds a massive audience who love, support their products. Most of the tools bough by JIO are on the top of the tends.

How will Jio meet the impact of the video conferencing market?

Conferencing market is not the applicable term for Jio Meet. As it is about to make a huge impact on the Education sector while the corporate sectors have their own video conference application which they wont reveal about.

Is Jio Meet replacing Google Meet?

With a few hours after the official release, the app crossed 500k+ installs on the Google Play store. Yet the publicity is upto begin and definitely Jio Meet replaces Google Meet.

No wonder JioMeet App on Google Play will be the next trend for a few days. Jio movies, jio chat,and other applications from the reliance industry were also a trend. This was all about the JIO MEET app. Hope you found this post useful, Make sure to share this post on your social walls and share your impressions in the comments section below.


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