How To Increase Youtube Views & Gain More Subscribers


Increase youtube views faster and make your videos reach viewers. Getting more views on youtube is not the toughest thing. The thing is that the videos you upload to youtube should get more reach in order to gain more views.

A plethora of newbie YouTubers get stuck to get more views on their videos. As this is quite common for millions of other creators too. Being a beginner you need to know some basic youtube search engine optimization through which you can optimize your videos on the platform.

Youtube Motivation: Your first, second, and third upload might not help your channel increase youtube views. Your consistency is the only genuine hack to grow faster on youtube. Though there are other practices that can provide a push to your youtube videos, You’re the only one who needs to work on creating more interesting content. If you know that content is king on the internet, then you should also know that consistency is the queen.

Best Tips To Increase Youtube Views & Gain More Subscribers

Youtube India is growing faster with thousands of young creators from the nation are crafting up the content with their skills. This generates a huge competition among creators of different niches. Tough the channels are being successful and made creators frame their youtube career you can be the next one too.

One can increase youtube views in india following some basic principles and by sticking to it. As there is a youtuber in every 5th person in india. If you want to be the top among them, your work should hold some guidelines to move with.

Uploading videos to youtube and waiting for getting views eating the storage resources of the platform is not the best way. There are tons of other uploaders (Not Creators) who just upload copyrighted videos and wait to increase youtube views. On the other, some of the talented creators like you might not get noticed by the viewers. You being the skilled one need to stand out unique on the platform. Here are the basic guidelines which a newbie skilled youtube creator should focus on to get more views.

#1 Upload Quality Videos Consistently

As said earlier, Youtube India is growing faster at a jet speed. Thousands of channels are hitting 100k Subs every day. With you being a fresher to the youtube creator platform need to bring something new out of the box.

A well informative video on which a viewer tends to watch the entire video is known as quality content. Watch your own videos or uploads regularly and intend to bring more changes and craft up the mistakes you made. This way you can bring more quality videos to the platform. Upload doing this on a daily basis and increase more videos on your channel.

#2 Sharing Videos To Those Who Support You

Once after you finish creating a youtube channel or upload a youtube video does not share it directly to people or onto other social media platforms. It is because people feel sick with your happiness.

Share the video with those who support you. Comment, like your videos and share it genuinely with their well-wishers and upload to their status.

Sharing is caring when people support it.

For this, you need to stick with your audience and let them know what you bought to them. Create social groups and make your audience join them. Connect to them directly and interact with them. Once they find you supportive you can share your next video link to them and in return, they’re sure to encourage you.

#3 Thubnails vs Titles

Title and thumbnail are the ones that 87% viewers focus on before making a click. Work more on creating the best headline for your youtube video. Remember you need to say what your video is about. Never clickbait, viewers know what you do.

To create the best headline, follow News titles and research how they craft it and say the entire news in a single line. In this way, you can rank your videos without proper keyword optimization.

Thumbnails on the next place catch 97% of the viewer’s clicks. A catchy thumbnail can help you gain millions of views. You can use Your Avatar (2d Images) on a thumbnail and design it.

#4 Collaborate, Interview & Get Interviewed

The latest trend of catching creators’ audience is to collaborate with them. Never hesitate to as for collaboration. Tough a creator is out of your niche or holds low subscribers just to collaborate with them. Who knows, Who might gain a million subscribers overnight.

The best way of collaboration is to interview a creator online and post the recorded video. In the interview, you can ask the basic questions related to their earning and the gadgets they use.

The more you interview people the higher the chances are that your channel gains more subscribers. This way you can get more YouTube subscribers.

#5 Make a Trend or Talk Trend

Trends change every second on youtube video sharing platform. A viral video that made a trend yesterday night might be overtaken by another video of yours. Bring the best content and put your channel into the next trend.

If you are a better speaker, then talk about the trendy things happening on the internet. Make a cloned script or play on it and upload it to your channel.

A trendy concept gets viral overnight and helps your channel gain millions of views overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions

20 crore Youtube views means how much in India

One crore is equals to 10 million. As per the query, 20 crore is directly exuals to 200 million views on youtube India platform.

How much money I will make 35 million views from a vlogging channel on Youtube?

No one can give an exact figure on how much you make per view on youtube. As it is completely based on the niche of your channel, amount of clicks the ads get and cpc it is bidded on.

Wrapping up, This was all about to increase youtube views. Hope you found these words useful. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this post on your social walls and help other beginner youtubers to know how to get more views on youtube.



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