How To Get More Views On Youtube Video Through Pinterest


Now you can get more views on youtube following some basic promotional hacks. Gone are those days in which you just post a video to youtube and rank for the desired keyword.

With the utmost competition, YouTubers upload tons of hours of videos each minute. Creators with high viewership get the majority traffic from the search snippets and rank a video for the keyword.

But what if your channel doesn’t have any audience?

The only way a viewer can find your video is through a proper marketing strategy. This is the era where every creator needs to focus more on quality marketing.

Getting more view number is quite a different thing from getting quality views.

Viewers from a quality source can bring more engagement to youtube videos and help your videos gain more watch time, likes, shares, and comments. In this way in a short period of time, a newbie creator on youtube can get views on youtube videos.

How Do My Channel Get More Views On Youtube

Get More Views On Youtube
Get More Views On Youtube

The stronger your promotion strategy is the more views youtube video gets.

Either you’re a beginner on the platform or an expert YouTuber, you might prone to a few situations where you have to promote a youtube video indecisively.

One of the best source of getting views to a video is through organic search. Tough it is a traditional source. The quality matters in a tradition.

So how to get more views on youtube?

Getting more views is not the point when you won’t rank out there. When your video won’t ever stick on the top of the keyword results, you have to promote it through some smart techniques. While you see there are a plethora of videos on the SERPs which offer no value to their viewers. Before you focus on creating a video find out the best practices which you can offer through your youtube video better than the competition out there.

Get More Views On Youtube Video Through Pinterest

Pinterest is more a search engine than a random visual social network. With millions of visitors from the European countries, million of keywords are being searched on this network.

If your youtube niche follows a category on Pinterest, then give a push to your youtube videos by sharing the impressive pin and thereby linking it to your youtube videos.

All the information or a topic that you talk about on youtube has to be converted into a visualization format and share it to Pinterest.

When your youtube videos start gaining a push from Pinterest, with default Youtube search algorithms start pushing your video to more viewers of the same interest.

While you also want to do the same on the other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But this doesn’t work. Facebook & Instagram are now platforms for paid marketers. If you want to bring organic views to youtube videos for free then Pinterest becomes the best alternative source to any social media platform out there.

Isn’t this a smart hack to gain more views? Share your impression in the comments section. Make sure you follow our board youTubing on Pinterest.

Get More Views Using PINTEREST

Keywords entered by the user on any search engine is a form of a question. While the best headline or catchy title you made makes the user click on it and drive on to your information.

Only 3 seconds are spent by the user to watch your Pinterest image and decide whether to click on it or not. This clearly states you have to spend much time on creating engaging images for your pinterest page.

Blog Your Youtube Videos

IF your youtube video is hanging out somewhere on the second page of search results then it definitely needs a push again. Pinterest helped you bring it up to there now you need to take action and give a push.

Write a lengthy blog post related to the same topic and embed your youtube video into it. now finish up making a few contextual backlinks and there you go. Your video from a graveyard of google stars appear on the top of the search results.

Wrapping up, this was all about to get more views on youtube through Pinterest. Hope you found this guide very informative. If so then make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this post on your social walls.


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