Why Is Facecam Mandatory For YouTube Channel Monetization In India


A plethora of queries are raised on the new youtube monetization policies. Queries like Why Is a Facecam Mandatory For YouTube Videos To Get Monetization In 2020? stands on the top.

With thousands of newbie creators getting onto the platform day-to-day, the face value of youtube channels gets a major factor in the role of growth. Face cam videos improve the channel authority and influence of the creator.

For a beginner who is fighting with social anxiety making face cam videos might be difficult. As they want to build an audience first and then reveal themself on the platform.

This trend of face reveal is too common on this top video sharing platform. But with youtube’s improvements of the latest monetization policies and guidelines one needs to stand out of the crowd to grow fastly on youtube India.

What Is Face Cam Video?

What Is Face Cam Video

Recording a story, a guide on your face is a face cam video. News reporters are the best example of it. As they convey news through their face value. Youtube is the platform to improve your face value. The next generation of content will be completely dependent on face cam videos.

Those were the early days gone in which a creator used to pick up some random images on Google and thereby creating a slideshow with background music attached and upload it to the platform and monetize it. Even this method works fine now. But the creator needs to focus on every green content for the future. Which is just possible through their facecam videos.

Youtube Face Cam Video Example

If I make videos on YouTube with no face and no voice in 2020, will YouTube monetize my channel?

Monetization is not given to these videos which upload blank videos. As they serve no value to the viewers. If a video that serves value to the viewer only gets monetization enabled if and if the video/channel follows YouTubes monetization guidelines.

Is Facecam mandatory for YouTube video monetization?

There is no offical guideline from youtube regarding this query. But the fact is that youtubes guidelines for creators gets updated regularly. So it’s creators necessity that he/she must be futuristic ready with their content.

Should you show your face on YouTube?

Social bullying the factor which most creators out there do not like to show their face. It is suggested that you build a proper fanbase who can support you in tough times and provide you face value on the platform.

Wrapping up, This was all about face cam videos for youtube. Hope you found this post useful. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and do share this post on your social walls and make others aware of face cam videos.



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