5 Best Niche To Work On YouTube In India


Select the best niche to work on a youtube channel in india. The best niche you select can be converted into a highly profitable business. Choosing a highly profitable niche can improve your fincancial status.

The best tip to earn more money on youtube is to focus on producing valuable content of your niche. But what it takes you when you have no profits out of that? The best niche in demand can bring you more sponsor and affilate comissions.

To Choose a highly profitable niche is not just enough. You need to transform your intersts on to it. Without your own interest you cannot put much efforts on producing content. The first thing you have to do is to choose your interests on which you can stick for a long run.

The Best Category For Youtube Channel In India

A category or a niche reveals much about the content you produce on the platform. There are only two things which the youtube platform in focussed on. They are nothing but 2-E’s. One E is Entertainment which brings all the content related to comedy, show, movie etc and the other E is Education which includes tutorials, how-to’s, and learning etc.

You need to point out your niche under these two categories. If you are on to the entertainment field, then you need to be more and more creative. On the other side, you can share your skill or educative concepts in a unique way.

To make you help get suggestion on selecting a niche for youtube channel, below are the top 5 youtube niches which you need to work right now. These niches mentioned below will be under the top most competitive list and make you earn more revenue out from it.

#1 Instant News

These days people surf youtube more than a traditional t.v channel to know about whats happening out there. Tough this niche makes you put loads of efforts and hardwork, but the growth in this niche is simply unpredictable.

This is because of the immense content ideas. The other thig behind the success of instant tech news is that youtube suggest’s news related content to more viewers. Your channel gets indexed with a plethora of keywords too which benifits the off page SEO of your channel.

One of the best instant news channels out on the platform makes around 10,000 USD per week. As this is completely based on their adsense revenue. Apart from it, affiliations, sponsorships are unpublishable.

#2 Facts

This is the best niche out there in any field of categories. Facts are immense, The more you study about a concept the more facts you mine out. But the thing is you need to mine out the latest and unknown facts out there.

Do not copy from other youtube videos and share them in your own views. Try to dig as many new facts as possible and make an informative video on them which should make your audience watch more videos of your channel.

#3 Vloging

Vlogging is on the trend in indian youtube platform. A plethora of new vloggers are being showcasing their lifestyles through daily vlogs. Currently there is too less competition in the youtube vlogging industry.

The one thing which you need to keep in your rule list to bring something new to your viewers. Vlogging daily about the same routine stuff is not enough. You have to push your limits and bring something creative which most people like to watch again and again.

One of the best thing about making vlogging videos is that people tend to watch the complete video. This makes youtube algorithms discover your channel and ranks up your youtube videos higher and suggests it to as many viewers as it can in a long run.

#4 Gaming

Youtube India gaming community is on a spice. Currently the top most youtube gamers from india gains millions of views on a daily basis. The competition is minimal in this niche. It is because the gaming communities are too supportive to each other. Multiplayer games are being played by youtubers which increases your network on the platform.

Express your gameplay views and tell people how you feel while gaming. The best narrator can gain more views to their gaming videos. In the begininng it might be too difficult for you to gain views and subscribers. But go live and try to connect with other gamers out there on the platform.

#5 Health or Fitness

Yes health and fitness are the evergreen niches to work on. The best thing about producing content on these niches that they get viral within mean time. In sense, the more videos you make on these niche the higher the chances are that people come, watch your videos organically.

These are the best youtube niches to work on. Making a video and publishing it to youtube is not enough. Patience is the key to get success on youtube. Posting a video to the platform wont earn you millions of views overnight. This takes time, the video which you post today might gain 10 million views after an year. So the thing you need to do is to be consistent on the work you do.

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