What Do 4000 Hour Watch Time on YouTube Mean?


4000 Hour Watch Time on youtube is its advertiser policy which a channel needs to complete in one year. 4000 hours in minutes is equal to 240000 minutes, Which makes us aware of getting 240000 watch time to all the copyright-free videos. Thereby 1000 subscribers are needed to get your youtube channel monetized by Adsense.

Hack To Get “4,000 watch time” on Youtube Fast?

On the month of January 16, 2018, youTube changed its monetization policy. The new guidelines were issued to creators that their channel needs to hold 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time under one single year. With this new policy, creators need to owe videos that complete 240,000 minutes watch time.

There is one thing which you being a creator should focus on.

Every hour more that 30,000+ hour content is being uploaded to youtube. If you want to make your video compete with those 7,20,000 hour per day then your videos should influence viewers.

You might say that uploading quality content is just enough to do so. But what if the title and descriptions is not much optimized. Can a viewer find your video?

The major impact your video does is by saying people to subscribe and like your video in a creative manner. MrBeast does that. Follow his hacks on being smarter in the competitive platforms like youtube.

Youtube algorithms wants its creators to stick around their channels. What is the use of those 10-25 videos which you made on knowing that youtube pays? They do not add value on a long term, do they?

Creators who upload fresh content on a regular basis have high chance to gain more views and subscribers. So youtube wants you to get sticked permanently with the platform and entertain or educate the audience.

Hack To Get 4,000 hour watch time and 1,000 Subs

Keep posting quality, informative, well-researched content by properly optimizing titles, tags and lengthy descriptions. Set deadlines and achieve small targets.

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My Watch Time Is Not Increasing

Watch time of a youtube video directly depends on the amount of views your videos get. So in-order to gain more views, a creator needs to follow some basic youtube search engine optimization tips 2020.

4000 Watch Hours Hack

Posting more videos on a regular schedule is the basic hack to gain a 4000 hour watch time on a youtube channel. This lets your videos Get More Views which in return increases the watch time of your youtube videos.

Buy 4000 Watch Hours On YouTube

Digital Marketing for youtube is the best organic practice to buy a 4000 hour watch time. Google Ads makes creators an easy path to do so. Never stuck on spammers who claim false statements to provide your channel 4000 watch hours. Always be genuine and work genuine. Spamming leads you nowhere on this widely spread video sharing platform.

4000 Hours To Days

A 4000 watch hour conversion to days is exactly equals to 166.6667 days.

Youtube Watch Hours Counter

The youtube watch hours counter is the best algorithm ever made to count each and every second a viewer spent to watch a video. This algorithm allows videos with high watch time rank on the top of the search results.

Do Live Streams Count As Watch Time

Yes, it does. A live stream count as watch time once you publish the video publicly to your channel.

How Much Watch Time Required For Youtube Monetization

For a channel to get monetized by youtube partnership program. It has to comply with a 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. Thereby the channel needs to hold copyright free videos to get monetization approval.

Wrapping up, This was all about getting 4000 hour watch time on youtube. Hope you found these words useful. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below. Also share this post on your social walls and help other newbie creators to get 4000 hour watch time.



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